first week

On Sunday the 4th of september I arrived in Barcelona with long trousers and a pullover and I was really sweating on my way to the flat. The mother and her daughter in whose flat I life are very friendly and helpful so for example they told me where to buy food for little money. Monday and Tuesday were free for me, I just had to go to the "Institut La Guineuetea" where the responsible person to me told me where I had to go to on Wednesday. So on Wednesday and Thursday I went to the Hospital de Sant Pau to the department of microbiology where they tried to explain to me what they are doing the whole day and what the devices can do. It was really difficult because the most can't speak english and I can't speak spanish that good. I tried to explain to them what I have learned at school and on Friday they transfered me to the department of electromedicin. 

After work I bought some food and went home and after eating and one hour of hanging around I went out to see the beach, La Rambla and the Sagrada Familia. At the weekend I met two girls from Hamburg and Hannover and we went to a restaurant and drunk some beer.  


See you 





Sagrada Famillia

17.12.15 14:56


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