second week


The second week of my time in Barcelona started a little bit relaxed than the first week because I knew where I had to go to work. Our office and the little workshop are in a small house next to the hospital, so if the one guy gets a call that anything is broken in the hospital, we have to go there. It's everyday the same routine, we go to the hospital, collect broken cabel, answer some questions and go back to the workshop to fix broken stuff or exchange it, after that we go back to the hospital and bring back the fixed or new cabel.                                   It sounds very boring but it isn't. For me it's interesting to see the different devices and get an insight to all the rooms they are only for employee.


This week I walked a lot through the city and saw some interesting buildings, a very nice hotel, the stadion from Barcelona (Camp Nou) where I bought a ticket for next week for the game Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid and I saw some coffeeshops. Unfortunately the weather changed this week and theres not as much sun as last week.


See you 





very expensive hotel





view from Park Güell

17.12.15 14:55


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