Sixth Week (Last Week)

The last 30 minutes I tryed to wrote the blog of the last week but the fucking blog crashed two times. 

short form


On monday I was really tired because of the excessive weekend so I went to straight to bed after work. On Thuesday some workers come to our flat to fix a problem with the electricity so I can't enter my room...I went to a beautiful park in Barcelona (park de la ciutadella), nevertheless it was boring because I'm not a pensioner who goes out to see parks or museums. On Wednesday and Thursday it rained a lot (I've never seen so much rain) so I straight went home after work and watched some series and films. Today is Friday and maybe I can upload the blog now and start bundle my luggage. Tomorrow I'll fly back to Berlin and I'm very happy to see my cat and my friends and go to clubs and bars on Satureday evening.

It was a great time living six weeks in Barcelona and I'm sure I'll come least as a tourist...





14.10.16 16:04


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